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Trail Mount Pump Unit – Double Frac Trailer New 34′ Frame Trailer Including: New Axles & Suspension with ABS Brake System Complete with 5″ Fluid Ends

  • 8- 11.R22.5 Tires
  • 2- Heavy Duty Triplex Plunger Pump with 8.0:1 Gear Ratio rated at 750 HP
  • 2- New 14L Detroit Series 60 / 650 HP Engines w/ Murphy Engine Controls
  • 2- New 6610 Allison Transmissions
  • Remote Oil Pumps with Chillers
  • 8 lb. Grease Plunger Lube System
  • 2- New Atlas Radiators
  • New Drive Lines- 1810
  • New Perkins 173 HP Pony Engine
  • New Chelsea 3 PTO Gear Box w/ New 800 Series PTO’s
  • 2- New Mission Magnum 4×3 Centrifugal
  • Pumps 20- BBL Displacement Tank- Two Compartment
  • MD 16k Pressure Gauges
  • MCII Flow Analyzer
  • 3- 8′ Loops 1502
  • 2-Style 10 Swings & 3- Style 50 Swings
  • 2- 5000 PSI 2″ Hoses
  • 2- 4″ Suction Hoses
  • 160′ Straight Iron, Non Pressure Seal w/ 1502 Unions
  • Delivery & Warranty:
  • All equipment is All New and 100% USA Made
  • Pump has a 2-year unconditional warranty, Engine, and Transmission are Each Warranted For One Year From Delivery Date.

Unitized Pump Fabrication

Our manufacturer offers high quality unitized triplex pump fabrication, typically available for delivery in 21 days or less. All rig-up will be on a 2 or 3-runner oilfield master skid depending on the equipment configuration. Included is customers’ choice of charge pump (electrical or hydraulic) and Master control station. Equipment is delivered painted in customers’ colors. Onshore and offshore (lift hooks) specifications can be produced. They use all new components but can accommodate customer requests of OEM remanufactured components if requested.

Available Pump options

  • Gardner Denver (PZ- 7, PZ-8, PZ-9, PZ-11)
  • National (TEE)?
  • Weatherford (F800, F1000 and F1300)

Available Motor options

  • Caterpillar C-15, C-18, 3508 and 3512
  • Detroit Series 60
  • Cummins
  • John Deere 500 series

Available transmission options (manual and automatic)

  • Allison
  • Caterpillar
  • Eaton Fuller (manual)

An example specification are shown below.

This pump package features a precision balanced multi-purpose Triplex plunger pump. Recommended for working over, horizontal drilling, fracturing, cementing and acidizing. The units are an excellent choice for coil tubing applications. The pump has 500 Horsepower continuous duty available for a diverse range of operations. Through a Varity of available fluid ends multiple pressure applications can be configured. The pump features:

  • Three individual fluid-ends to allow field repairs. Read
  • Fluid-ends available for plungers from 3 3/8″, 4″, 4 1/2″, 5″, to 6″
  • Pressures range from 6,250 to 20,000 PSI.
  • Pump weighs just 6,000 lbs. – an outstanding power to weight ratio
  • Alloy forged steel crankshaft – heat-treated, stress relieved, and machine balanced.

The package illustrated here comprises 1-New 550 h.p. Triplex pump appropriate fluid end for creation of 5,000-PSI fluid ends w/1-new C-15 540 h.p. Caterpillar engine with new (or factory rebuilt) Fuller 14607 manual transmission (high gear blocked out).
Alternate configurations can be designed to suit specific operating conditions or requirements
All rig-up to be on a 3-runner oilfield master skid. Included is customers’ choice of charge pump (electrical or hydraulic) and Master control station. Unit will be painted in customers designated colors.

Power End
Companion Flange: 1800 Series Spicer
Input Spline: 3″-10
Input Rotation: Clockwise
Input Speed: Maximum 2100 RPM
Gear Train: Steel worm and bronze ring w/ 8.0:1 ratio

Maximum Crank RPM 275
Crankshaft: Forged steel & balance
Connecting Rods: bearings Three forged aluminum split caps and insert
Crossheads: Three cast alloy steel
Case: High-strength steel weld ment
Bearing type: inboard 2 (two) tapered outboard, 2 (two) cylindrical
Oil System: Gear pump driven off worm, standard
Oil Filter: Replaceable disposable twin canister elements

Fluid-End Assembly consists of three individual forged steel pots. Available in the following sizes:
Plunger Type: Single acting one -piece
Valve Seats: Carburized and replaceable
Pressure Packing: Low friction, -50 to 300 F, Superior Media Resistance
Discharge Flanges: Straight blank, elbow flanges with 1502 connections

Fluid End Sizes : Max Working Pressure
3-3/8″ : 20,000
4″ : 15,000
4-1/2″ : 11,000
5″ : 9,000
6″ : 6,200

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