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Air Tuggers

Triton provides a wide variety of air tuggers ranging from 1,000 lb. to 20,000 lb. lifting capacity. Specific jobs that the Air Winch is capable of handling include construction, mining, offshore oil, heavy industrial, refineries, utilities, shipbuilding, and your petrochemical needs.

When you evaluate the weight and size of the Air Wench needed, its colossal lifting capabilities are unbelievable in comparison. For being a fairly simple machine, its rugged appeal and reliability is what makes it so unique and able to perform its tasks easily. Another important aspect that lends itself adequately to the reliability aspect of the Air Tugger is the dependability of the motor. Air- run motors do not burn out, even if they are stalled all day! Stalling causes no damage, and uses no air when the Air Winch is stalled. This function would be highly appealing for a tensioning application job, such as holding a barge in place.

Lastly, for those businesses that do not have the time to tend to high maintenance machines, Air Tuggers require very low maintenance. Air Winches are very easy to service, maintain and repair, allowing your business to put the majority of its time, money and attention to jobs. It is a hassle- free machine. Air Tuggers give businesses reasonable solutions to their toughest lifting, pulling, and tensioning jobs. Use responsibility in choosing the appropriate Air Winch for your job.


OWI 1600 Drawworks:

OWI 1600 A/C Drawworks:

A/C Gear Drive Drawworks

  • Maximum Hoisting Capacity 750,000 Lbs on 10 Lines
  • Drum Diameter 31”
  • Drum Length 54-1/4”
  • Single Speed Gear Box with 9.907 Ratio
  • External Lube System with Heat Exchanger and Filter
  • Heavy Duty Frame and Skid
  • A/C Drilling Motor with Drawworks Rating of 1875 HP
  • Spring Set, Pneumatic Release Wichita 336 AirMakk Brake
  • Dynamic A/C Motor Braking

Davis 1000 / 2000 Drawworks:

The Davis D1000 and D2000 are chain-driven drawworks designed for the rigorous demands of modern drilling operations. The D-1000, D-1000-E, D-1500-E and D-2000-E feature a rated horsepower of 1000 HP, 1500 HP and 2000 HP, respectively and are manufactured using Pneu-Grip clutches and drums for extreme durability.

The D-1000, D-1000-E, D-1500-E and D-2000-E are mounted on oilfield-type skids consisting of a 14” beam and loading hitches to facilitate crane lifting and easy tailboard loading onto transport trucks or rig structures.

  • 1000 / 1500 / 2000 HP
  • 8,000 to 20,000 Ft Depth
  • Main Skid – 14" Beam with loading hitches
  • Unitized Single Load
  • Air Actuated Water Cooled Brake System
  • Safe Operability
  • Pressure lubricated chains
  • Grooved Drum with optional grooving sizes
  • Air Operated Catheads
  • Engine / Motor Ready
  • Auxiliary Disc Brake Upon Request
  • All transmission clutches are of
    involute spline type.

Nominal Drilling Depth (ft) 8,000 -10,000 12,000 – 20,000
Rated Nominal Horsepower (hp) 1000 2000
Dia. Of Wire Line (in) 1 1/8" or 1 1/4" 1 3/8" or 1 1/2"
Drum Barrel (Dia x Length, in) 49" x 22" 56" x 30"
Brake Rim (Dia x Width, in) 42" x 8 3/8" 54" x 10"
Auxiliary Brake WCFB 3-24 WCFB 2-36
Transmission Chain 1 3/4" Double 1 1/2" Sextuple
Drum Chain 1 3/4" Quad 2" Quad


The D-1000, D-1000-E, D-1500-E & D-2000-E are designed with drilling operations safety in mind. By incorporating a large control panel with easy to read gages and large controls, operators are always afforded complete control of drawworks operation.


For all your large generator needs. Please contact our office for availablity and pricing.

Mud Systems

We manufacture premium water tanks, mud tanks, mud systems, fuel tanks, dog houses, change houses, generator houses, and tanks on wheels. Call our office for a custom bid.

SCR Houses

Custom built to our customer’s exact specifications, the Electric Power Control House is among the finest in the industry. We work closely with our customers to ensure they are getting exactly what they need to run their rigs. Attention to detail guarantees that our Power Control House’s performance meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations as well as the average life expectancy of the mass produced SCR House in use today.

In addition to new SCR House’s, we can refit your old SCR House with new SCR/Generator Controls, MCC’s and Distribution Panels.

All Power Control Houses are built from the ground up and tested as a whole unit before shipping. Contact our office for pricing and delivery.

Top Drives

We offer the widest range and variety of Top Drive, providing you with the best selection of models to fit your specific drilling and workover needs. Today, these products range from the smallest hydraulic power swivels to the largest AC-powered offshore drilling systems available. Whether it is new, used or rebuilt call our office for availability.

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